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How to set up a custom email address

Have you created a custom email address for your company? The answer is yes if you are creating a website for your company and asking if you need also create a custom email address. Emails are now a key component of online marketing and communication. Therefore, it should be no surprise that email marketing has emerged as one of the most successful methods for increasing sales for your company. Having a custom email address can be very beneficial because many organizations still use emails to connect with their partners and potential clients. A business email account with your company name is what is meant by a professional email address. In other words, it promotes your brand and establishes credibility with your target market immediately. Below listed are a few factors on how you can set up a custom email address:

Custom email address

Most new businesses use unprofessional generic free email addresses without a domain name. An official business email address with your company’s domain name, as compared to a generic Gmail or Yahoo account is known as a custom email. Although you can create free generic email accounts, a custom email frequently has additional expenses in addition to the cost of the domain name. Additionally, having a customized email address makes it simpler for clients and other businesses to believe that your company is genuine. You must immediately use a personalized email address if you want clients and other businesses to consider your company seriously

Registering with Google

For the most part, Google offers excellent instructions on setting up your personalized email account, but there are a few factors to consider before you do it. You can walk through the process of setting up a personalized email address that you got from Google and help you choose the perfect domain name for your company.

Get a domain name

You must first have a custom domain name in order to create a custom email address for example yourbusiness.com. It is easy and only takes a few steps to get a domain name. However, there are several places where you can get a domain name. Which one is best for you will depend on the email hosting service you plan to use and whether or not you plan to create a website using your domain name.

According to your planned use, these are your best options for obtaining a domain name:

Business email only: If you only need a custom business email address and a domain name, you can get one from one of the top domain name registrars, such as Google Domains. To benefit from having your domain immediately connected to your email host, you may buy it straight from companies like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.

Business email and a WordPress website: Your best option if you also intend to develop a website is to obtain a free domain straight from a web hosting company. You may get site hosting, a free domain, and up to five free personalized email addresses. This also makes it faster and simpler for small teams because you no longer need to connect your domain to your web host manually.

Business email and an all-in-one website builder: Choose one of the finest website builders for a beginner, which comes with a free domain, if you want to develop a great website yourself without any prior web design knowledge.

Connect your domain to your email host

You should do it yourself if you are not using the benefits of having your domain connected automatically to your email host. For instance, if you bought your domain as part of a hosting plan, you will need to set up your custom email address and review the instructions provided by your provider. When you get to your host’s dashboard, you usually see an Email button. Click on that button and follow whatever instructions your host gives you.

Connect to favorite third-party email host

You can link your email to a third-party email host like Gmail or Apple Mail if you got your domain name through a web hosting company, and your email will still be free. Each email platform has a different procedure for doing this, so select your preferred email host to obtain detailed information on linking your free business email to a popular email platform. Here is an example of how to connect to Gmail:

To get started, log into your Gmail account and select the gear icon in the top right corner, next to your user picture. From the drop-down menu, choose settings, and then click the Accounts tab up top. Click Add a mail account under Accounts. In the pop-up box that will appear after completing this step, you must input your email address, the password you used to access the web host, and the details of your email server.

Click Add Account once you have completed the required fields. After clicking Add Account, you will choose the first choice in a new pop-up. Choose next. Ensure you are utilizing your new custom domain to send and receive emails from Gmail now that the account has been successfully added.

Verifying your account

You will be encouraged to confirm the email address connected with your web hosting platform after clicking next. Click Verify in the Gmail verification pop-up window, and copy and paste it. The ownership of the new email address will be confirmed through this. Your new email address is now successfully linked to Gmail. You can send a message using either your freshly registered domain or your Gmail domain when you start a new message.

Sending it off

You must have a polished email if you are starting a new business. It can seem careless and unprepared to have an address that begins with @gmail, @yahoo, or @aol. You feel pride in your business and establish your position in the market when you get a personalized email domain.

Final Thoughts

People are less inclined to trust your email address if it is not connected to your company’s domain name. Additionally, using generic email addresses for your company, such as [email protected] or [email protected], diverts attention from the professional of your enterprise. Therefore, you must purchase custom domain email addresses for your company. You can follow the above steps to set up a custom email address

Updated on September 2, 2022

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