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How to send email using Mozilla Thunderbird?

Email is efficient, affordable, and dependable. It is not always time-sensitive, in contrast to other types of communication. For instance, if you take a while to answer a query from a consumer when you are on the phone or in a chat, they will probably grow impatient. When communicating through email, you have time to consider your response. In most cases, it is fine to reply to an email after a few hours instead of just a few seconds. Email is also essentially eternal. Emails only need a little storage space because you and the receivers can preserve copies for years after sending them. Emails are simple to search for interaction records. Email content in a client-relationship management platform might provide important details about a client’s past.

What is Mozilla Thunderbird?

You may manage several email accounts from a single dashboard using Mozilla Thunderbird, a feature-rich free program. The software created for Windows uses the SMTP and POP protocols to quickly and easily interact with many mailboxes. The application is portable, and adding a plugin will let you increase its functionality.

A number of powerful and expensive applications, like Microsoft Outlook, Mailbird, and Eudora, are challenged by the free email client. It offers several functions, including the capability to backup messages, update several calendars, access headlines through the RSS reader, and check emails and daily schedules from a single area. You can keep track of your day using the free software without juggling various gadgets and applications.

Features of Mozilla Thunderbird:

If you have a clear and user-friendly design, it is among the nicest aspects of downloading Mozilla Thunderbird. Once you set up various accounts, they are arranged into folders you can expand and contract as necessary. When finished, you may quickly examine all of your appointments, events, and updates. Unfortunately, Thunderbird does not allow you to update existing calendars or add new ones. However, you may configure the tool to allow you to change calendars by downloading an extension and adding it to your browser.

How to send email using Mozilla Thunderbird?

  • First, you need to activate Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • ¬∑Click the Application menu button or Tools.
  • Choosing Account Settings
  • Click Account Actions in the left pane’s bottom section.
  • The option Add Mail Account.
  • Enter the information for your email account and click Continue.
  • To manually configure the account, select Manual Configuration and change the server names, ports, and IMAP/POP. POP merely downloads the inbox, but IMAP synchronizes the email on your computer with the contents of your account on the server.
  • To create an account, click.
  • As the mail client completes checking the email settings, wait.
  • To further customize your Thunderbird email client, several optional settings are available. For assistance with these settings, please visit the Thunderbird support page.

Final thoughts:

Mozilla Thunderbird was a project that grew out of the Mozilla Firefox web browser project. The same team developed it until Mozilla Corporation outsourced the project’s development to a separate company so that it could concentrate on Firefox. In competition with programs like Microsoft Outlook and Eudora Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird is a cross-platform, open-source email client.

Updated on September 2, 2022

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