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Connect Domain to Ecom (Ecwid)

Connect Domain to Ecom (Ecwid)

You can link a custom domain you bought from Domain to your Ecwid Site, an Ecom platform so that clients can type in your specific URL and visit your Website instantly. Once connected, an HTTPS secure connection will allow your Ecwid platform to launch at your domain name. Since Ecwid offers free SSL to customers of Instant Site, you don’t need to buy one individually. To manage all domain settings, make payments for the domain name, or renew it, go into your Domain account. You must adjust your domain registrar account and your Ecom admin panel to connect your Domain to the Ecom website. If you don’t already hold a domain, you need to follow the steps below:

How does Ecwid work?

  • Ecwid is an Ecom platform that can be easily added to your current Website, business page on a social media site, blog, marketplace, or mobile app.
  • Ecwid allows you to start selling on a free one-page website with an integrated online store even if you do not have a website.
  • You can sync and manage your storefronts from a single control panel, regardless of how many you have. Ecwid enables you to arrange your products, personalize your storefront, collect credit card payments, track orders, and respond to them with only a few clicks.
  • The same level of security that banks employ is applied to the protection of all credit card and transaction information.

How to buy Domain at Domain.com:

Decide the domain name you wish to use. You can pick any name you like, whether it includes your brand name, describes what you sell, or is just a couple of easily recalled letters. It is a good idea to select a name people will remember and put it into a browser to access your store.

Visit domain.com and enter the desired domain name in the search form to see if it is already taken. You will be presented with other choices if your desired domain name is unavailable.

Configuring your Domain in Ecwid’s admin:

You must specify your custom domain name in your Ecwid admin to connect your Domain to your Ecwid Instant Site.

To specify a domain name:

  • Go to the Website from the Ecwid admin.
  • Click Change Address in the Domain name and site address block.
  • Enter your custom domain in the use your domain name field in the pop-up window.
  • You will need the IP address provided by Ecwid to set up the Domain in the Domain.com account later, so copy it.
  • Click Save.

 Setting up your Domain in the Domain account:

You must make modifications to your Domain’s settings and point the Domain at your Ecwid site to complete the linking process. You must add a record and a CNAME record in your domain host account to accomplish that.

For the Domain to point to your Ecwid Website:

  • Go to the control panel on Domain.com and log in.
  • Choose manage next to the domain name you will use for your Ecwid store.
  • Click DNS and Nameservers in the left menu to get started.
  • Click Add DNS Record under DNS Records.

Select A from the Type drop-down option, and then complete the following fields:

  • Type your personal website’s name, for instance, myecwidstore website.
  • Copy the IP address from your Ecwid admin page and paste it here.
  • Pick any value from the drop-down menu, like one hour.

To preserve this A-record in your domain settings, click Add DNS. This record will appear like this after being saved.

Change the domain settings to remove more A-records. There should only be one A-Record pointing to the Ecwid IP address for the custom domain to function with your Ecwid store. A-records automatically point to the Domain.com default server IP address,, when you purchase a domain name on the website Domain.com. This default record needs to be removed. Select delete by clicking the three dots to the right.

To include a CNAME, click +Add DNS Record. This is required for your website to function correctly.

Choose CNAME from the Type drop-down option, and then complete the other fields:

  • Include www.
  • Include only your custom domain name in the content, such as myecwidstore. website.
  • For one hour, pick any value from the drop-down menu.

The setup is now finished, and you must wait for the changes to take effect. Changes may not take effect for up to 48 hours, although typically, they do within two hours. Your Ecwid platform will open at the newly configured domain name with a secure HTTPS connection and a padlock.


  1. How can I move my current Domain over to Instant Site?

You must keep your current Domain with that provider and simply add a few entries to your domain settings to redirect your Domain to Ecwid’s IP address if you want to employ your existing Domain with your Site.

  1. Can I have many stores with Ecwid?

You can set up two Ecwid web stores with fixed prices, unique payment methods, and various currencies. In this approach, you can offer the same product lines in several nations at multiple prices and in their respective currencies.

Updated on November 22, 2022

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