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  4. How do I proceed for domain verification if Domain Service Provider is not listed in Google ?

How do I proceed for domain verification if Domain Service Provider is not listed in Google ?

Before you use your domain on any platform, you must verify that you own it for security purposes. It ensures that only verified owners can edit the way their content appears on the domain. This kind of verification is not only done for domains even the app that you are using in your day-to-day life needs verification that only the registered user is accessing the given data to change any information. Domain verifying your domain prevents anyone else from using your page. Here is some information about proceeding with domain verification if the domain service provider is not listed in Google.

What is domain verification?

The verification process pays a way for you to claim ownership of your domain, allowing you to control your pages’ editing privileges. With the ownership, you can prevent misuse of your domain and keep bad actors from spreading misinformation. Before you use your domain, you have to verify that you own it and also prevent anyone else from using it. Domain verification offers several benefits like it ensures that only the appropriate parties can edit like previous that direct to your content. Among all other reasons, security is a major thing for domain verification. There are threats that malware and phishing attacks pose to your home computer, and most new website owners don’t realize that their website is also at risk. Domain verification will save your site from malware and unwanted activities.

Why verify?

Verifying your domain is the most important step for your business. When you purchase the domain, you have to verify your domain if the first name, last name, or email address associated with the domain is changed. Also, you have to undergo a domain verification process when the domain has successfully transferred to a new registrar. There are various ways and sources out there to verify your domain verification. By having the verified domain, the senders of your domain can skip the manual verification while sending a campaign.

Who is domain verification for?

It is the best way to handle ownership when you have:

  • Huge page numbers that are hard to maintain manually via open graph markup tags
  • Adopted to have the ability to Business Manager to manage your assets
  • Potential to upload HTML files to the webroot directory or the ability to edit DNS TXT records
  • Need to edit link page posts that link to the content you own ownership. Having the domain verification will eventually serve as a means to determine who has access to link editing.
  • To control who can edit link descriptions on ads pointing to your domain
  • To configure web events with aggregated event measurement

An alternative way for domain verification 

If your domain service provider is not listed in Google during the process of domain verification, then you can use these given alternative methods to get done with your verification. This HTML file uploading method is recommended by Google but will only work if you can upload files directly to your domain’s web host.

  • Sign in to the tool with your Google account and click verify next to the site you want
  • Choose the alternative method and click upload an HTML file in the verification method.
  • Once you click the HTML file, follow the steps on your screen.
  • With the help of notepad, try creating the file that Google asks for and saving it with the exact name they ask for. When you are saving the file, ensure to save it with all file types. If you don’t select all file types, then it will end up with a file named html.txt. Make sure you upload your HTML file to the root folder of your domain.
  • Remember that the filename is case-sensitive and must have a .html extension. Just ensure to see that it exists in the specified location and try to upload the file to your webserver to the specified location. This is because the file that you save the specified location is the root folder for your site.
  • It is essential to upload your file to the mentioned location. After uploading the file, go back to Google Search Console and click verify button to complete the process. The close will locate the file on your server and verify that you own the website. The file that is uploaded to the specified location will be verified, and if the file is not accessible, then you will get the information about the error that is encountered. The verification will fail if the file doesn’t get uploaded in the correct location or uploaded in the subfolder. After solving the issue, you can try to verify your site again.
  • You can also use this same method to verify the CDN with the Google search console. This will enable the search engine to crawl and index your images.

Other alternative methods


Adding a meta tag to your home page is one of the sure ways to find the site. You have to add a simple Meta tag to your site’s <head> section in this method. Follow the below-mentioned information to make your process successful.

  • To find the Meta tag, you can select the other verification methods section in the Google search console interface.
  • Now you will see a Meta tag in the box, just copy it and paste it into your site’s home page. You have to place this Meta tag in the <head> section, which is placed before the first <body> section.
  • Click on the Save option to save the changes that you made to your website’s header, and that is it.
  • Finally, go back to the Google Search Console interface and click on the verify button to end the process.

Summing it up

As you have seen above, uploading an HTML file is the best way to verify your domain when you don’t find the domain service provider in the list. There are other alternative methods to get back to the required site so that you can check the alternatives without any worries.


Updated on December 9, 2021

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