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How can I hide my domain contact information from public whois tools?

If you are new to getting registered on a website, you will sense a pang of anxiety about entering your address, mobile number, and email in the domain’s public WHOIS record. You will not have any clear idea about to what extend the information compromise your online privacy? Your worry is true because anyone can easily look up this information with one of the many WHOIS tools available. You can hide your domain information from the public whois tools for your privacy and security. When your personal information is shown on a Whois search, then that could lead to nuisance calls and unwanted things. Here is some effective information about hiding your domain contact information and whois.

How to hide your information?

Using the domain privacy feature, you can protect your personal details from being publicly available in the Whois tool. You can hide your name and organization, phone number, address and email address with the domain privacy features. Also, you can make the contact information related to your domain name private. When you don’t use the domain privacy feature, your information will be accessible via public domain Whois queries.

When an individual owns the domain, the owner’s data will be hidden, so the only information shown will be the registrar and the registration and expiration date. If the domain is owned by a legal entity, then all the company’s information will be publicly visible. For instance, if some company owns the domain, then pieces of information like physical address, email address and phone number will be publicly visible.

What is domain privacy?

While registering in the domain, you are required to give registrars up-to-date personal information such as name and contact information, which is then required to be displayed publicly. Without a whois directory, the public output is a huge address book for domains. Every Whois record carries information on the registrant, such as name servers, expiry date and many more. Pieces of information like name, address, and email and phone number are also included in the Whois record.

The information that you offer is very important to avoid issues arising regarding your domain, like ownership confirmation and a lot more. There are many drawbacks to sharing registrant information publicly. One of the huge drawbacks of sharing the information publically is anyone can find your information online and use it however they please, including spamming you. To protect your personal contact information and not make it available to the public, the only choice that you can make is to use a domain privacy service.

Why domain privacy is important, and why do you need it?

As you have seen above, to protect your personal information, it is essential for the public to use domain privacy services. But do you know how important it is and what it means for you? People who buy their new domain name and are interested in developing their brand on the web will wonder, is domain privacy necessary? If you are getting your website of an organization, a business or for a hobby, it is essential to offer accurate and full contact information for their domain, and by default, all the information that you provide is required to be made public.

The details of the registered domain names will be entered into any free-to-use Whois search tool, and anyone can retrieve the Whois information that has been made public. The public can retrieve your personal information, so it is not protected. The information you provide will be left open to the public for unsolicited marketing, spam, and your domain might also get highjacked. You can use domain privacy protection because it will hide all your contact details by substituting original contact details with privacy service. 

Benefits of hiding your information 

If you are still thinking about whether private domain registration is worth it, then here are some reasons how you benefit by hiding domain contact information from the public Whois tool.

Protect your personal details

When registering a domain name, providing personal information by identity theft is a serious problem online. When someone gains access to view this data, you will be under severe problems and your business. To prevent your data from getting into the wrong hands then domain privacy is very important.

Prevent unsolicited marketing outreach

Leaving your personal information publicly may lead to unwanted attention from salespeople, spammers, telemarketers, and fraudsters. Some people will scan the Whois database to know contact information, particularly a recently registered website. You will target with emails and calls very after your registration. People will offer online marketing, making domain privacy protection and SEO services, so to avoid this, you have to protect your contact information. By hiding your domain contact information, you can prevent unsolicited marketing outreach.

Minimize spam

To protect your email and cut down on unsolicited emails from spammers, you have to protect your information. When you use domain privacy protection, phishing emails won’t reach your correct email so that you can minimize spam.

Good control over your personal information

By using domain privacy, you can keep all your personal information safe and secure by hiding the details from the public. With domain privacy protection in place, you can give good control over your personal information.

What is Whois?

It is the internet record that carries the information for the domain’s owner and how to get in touch with them. The information can be for both the domain’s registrar and the web hosting company providing space. There are various Whois lookup tools on the Internet that serves all your requirements. Most people use Whois tools to get some details about the domain registrar to get connected with them.

Wrapping it up

When you are registering in the domain, you can hide it or even make it publicly as per your interest and requirement. If you are ok with sharing your information with the public, you no need to hide them. Before you are doing anything, think about every aspect of it.




Updated on December 9, 2021

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