Suspending or unsuspending an account in WHM

  • This demo assumes you’ve already logged in to WebHost Manager.
  • Now let’s learn how to suspend a hosting account in WHM.
  • Click the Account Functions link.
  • Then click Manage Account Suspension.
  • This is the page where you can suspend a hosting account or unsuspend a previously suspended account.
  • Let’s go ahead and suspend an account.
  • Select the account you want to suspend…
  • Alternatively, we could have selected the account’s username.
  • Type a reason for the suspension (this is for your own reference).
  • Then click the suspend button.
  • The account has been suspended! Now when someone browses to this account’s website, they’ll see the suspended account message instead of the home page.
  • You can customize the suspended account page by clicking the Web Template Editor link; however, we won’t do this now.
  • Let’s go back to the manage account suspension page.
  • All accounts highlighted in red are suspended.
  • Let’s unsuspend the account… select the domain, then click unsuspend.
  • The account has now been unsuspended.
  • This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to suspend and unsuspend hosting accounts in WHM.

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