How to test if a port is open or not?

There are a few methods for determining whether a particular port on a WAN (Wide Area Network) connection is open in a VPS:

  1. Online Resources: Numerous online resources, such,, and, allow you to determine whether a port is open or not.
  2. Telnet is a command-line tool that can be used to determine whether a certain port on a distant host is open. The command “telnet [hostname or IP address] [port number]” must be entered into a command prompt or terminal window to utilize Telnet. You will receive a notification stating that you have connected to the remote host if the port is open. You will get a notice telling you that the port is closed.
  3. Port Scanner: To find out which ports are open on a remote host, a port scanner is a tool that may be used to scan a variety of ports on the host. Port scanners come in a variety of forms, including command-line tools and graphical user interface (GUI) programs. The popular port scanners Nmap, Zenmap, and Fiddler are a few examples.
Updated on September 29, 2023

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