How to create the .well-known folder in window/plesk for SSL (DCV) verification method

IIS Windows based servers do not allow you to place a dot in a folder name, therefore you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the C: drive
  2. Create a new folder called well-known
  3. Inside the well-known folder, create another folder named pki-validation
    so far, your folders should look like this: C:\well-known\pki-validation
  4. Upload the TXT file in the pki-validation folder
  5. Open the IIS Manager on your server
  6. Do a right click on your website and select Add Virtual Directory
  7. In the Alias section write .well-known
  8. In the Psychical Path area enter the path to the well known folder. For example:
  9. Press OK to create this alias

For all server types, if you did everything correctly, you should be able open the following URL and see the hash code along with “” in any web browser:

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