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  4. What are the .FR domain requirements?
  1. Home
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  4. What are the .FR domain requirements?
  1. Home
  2. Domain Names
  3. Domain Services
  4. What are the .FR domain requirements?

What are the .FR domain requirements?

When your company needs a website, you first have to register your domain name, which will be intimidating for first-timers. When probing online, French internet users will expect to see the website address with the .fr domain name. If you are using the .fr domain name, you can place a higher rank in local search and also in the hearts of the local people. Establish your bond to the French culture and dedication to providing the most excellent internet experience in France with the .fr domain. You can get the complete information about the .fr domain requirements from the below details.

Why did you choose .fr domain names?

The .fr domain extension is the most popular among small businesses and associations operating in France. Spontaneously, most French internet users are looking for the brand in this conservatory, and it will also boost trust. Therefore it is essential if you want to develop your business on the French market. Likewise being the most popular domain extensions in France, the .fr domain names offer many advantages and are listed below:

  • It will make optimal visibility of your site, and also easy for your French internet users to find their favourite sites under the domain extensions.
  • It will bring the distinction and proximity, unlike more global choices like .com
  • Further, .fr domain names are highly helpful for gaining the trust and confidence of French consumers. The ccTLD gives an impression of commitment and professionalism for the internet user in French to shop online. It is necessary to encourage the customers to buy your goods and maximum earnings.
  • A .fr domain name will also assist you in taking a ranking on the French search engine results.
  • .fr domain is one of the effective tools for cost-cutting. You do not have to rely deeply on paid internet advertising campaigns to find quality leads because ccTLDs are ideal for SEO.
  • .fr domains are premium internet extensions at an affordable price.

What are the registration requirements for .fr domains?

In order to register the .fr domain, you must be a company owner or person domiciled in the European territory. If you do not meet this kind of requirement, you can register the domain in the name of your local representatives and then make it available for you. The period of your registration is one year only, though it is possible to renew the registered domain starting thirty days before your termination date. The .fr domain requires several extended attributes to be offered during registration. If your company have a head office in the European Union, be selected for Registrant type in the .fr extended attributes section. And the registrants need to provide one of the following extended attributes or a set of attributes.

  • SIREN or SIRET numbers
  • EU Trademark for the companies
  • The valid DUNS number which will be issued by Dun and Bradstreet
  • EEA local identifiers, which are used to identify your companies in the European Economic area.

Also, if your domain is registered in the place of a French association listed in the Official Gazette of the French Republic, and the following detail is required:

  • Association statement on (in YYYY/MM/DD) format
  • The concern of the Gazette
  • The publishing date of the Gazette (YYYY/MM/DD format)
  • Page of the declaration

If an individual liable for the domain is selected in that section, and you have to fill the left blank in the left blank of your domain contacts, like establishment and job fields. And the following extensive attributes are required to accomplish it:

  • Country of the birth
  • Date of birth in the arrangement of (YYYY/MM/DD)

You may also fill in the comprehensive attributes in advance or use them for all your future registrations after listing.

Steps to register the . fr domain name:

Registering your .fr domain name is not so difficult by following the below steps:

  • Login to your registrar site
  • On this site, go to domains and register your new domain
  • Sort the .fr domain name that you want and check its accessibility
  • On the subsequent screen, you will see a note about your stipulation when you are ordering the .fr domain
  • After you are ready with picking up add-ons, go ahead and click on the Update cart.
  • You will see a message there, which states that your chosen domain name is not a GDPR complaint on the next screen. Now check the box to agree with the message.
  • Enter all your information precisely in the fields.
  • Now is the instant to select your payment options.
  • Finally, click on the button and complete your order.

.fr domain name renewals: 

If you are desired to renew your .fr domain name, it is easy, and you can also make it faster. Renewing your domain name manually or setting up an auto-renewal is an optional feature available with all domains. The renewal dates depend on manually renewing the domain name or setting it to auto-renew. The auto-renew option is better to use, because it sends you a notification before its renewal date. In case if your renewal attempt is failed, you should re-attempt the renewal gain on the third day before your domain names expiration date.

.fr domain name transfer:

The .fr domain names are transferable, and the transfer process is conducted via email. Only the registrar can be in charge of the process of moving a domain name from one registrar to another and the process will modify the name of the registrant. If you want to transfer your domain name to a new registrar, you need a transfer code, and your new registrant should be eligible to register the .fr domain name. AFNIC will post notification emails to the current registrant and also to fresh registrant. Each has 15 days to accept the transfer by clicking the link provided in the email. In the absence of replay within 15 days, your transfer process will get cancelled.

The bottom line:

From the above details, you can understand the .fr domain name requirements and registration. By following this, you can easily set your trademark in France and take a leading position of ownership in the minds of local French people.


Updated on November 22, 2022

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